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Tim May timcmay at got.net
Fri Jul 18 09:32:26 PDT 2003

On Friday, July 18, 2003, at 04:32  AM, Major Variola (ret.) wrote:

> Weapons Adviser Named as Possible Source for BBC Story Disappears; 
> Man's
> Body Found
> LONDON (AP) - Police searching for a missing Ministry of Defense
> adviser, who was named by the government as the possible source for a
> disputed news report on Iraqi arms, said Friday they have found a man's
> body near his home.
> http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGABVMP3AID.html
> Maybe he's just hanging out with Ritter in upstate
> NY...

'Unsubtle" is often what the spooks prefer: like the Mob, they are just 
as interested in sending a message as in silencing a witness.

In this case, the message going out is "don't speak against the 
Official Version."

Blair faces much more serious troubles than he would be in for ordering 
a hostile witness whacked. And, charitably, he may not even have 
ordered the hit. The intelligence agencies in Britain and the U.S. look 
to be  hip-deep in forgeries of documents, concoction of evidence, and 
subornation of perjury. They may be killing witnesses just to protect 
their own asses.

CIA Director Tenet is now looking to be they guy who has been told to 
fall on his sword. If he gets a cushy job with the Carlyle Group, 
expect him to remain silent. If he is sent into exile in Ohio or 
Indiana, he may write a book...if he lives.

But,  hey, George Bush is happy about the daily deaths of U.S. 
soldiers. As he said recently "Bring it on!"

"We gonna open a can of Texas whoop-ass on them bad boys."

Seriously, this clusterfuck is unfolding nicely. U.S. occupation troops 
are spread so thin in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq that there are now 
plans being developed to activate National Guard units to relieve them 
(115 F in full body armor is not pleasant). And the number of countries 
under occupation may soon increase: Liberia and other African 
hell-holes are targets.

A half-trillion dollar deficit this year, added to the 5 or 6 trillion 
dollar total deficit (*).

(* the official deficit, not counting the total lack of reserves/money 
for Socialist Insecurity, bond indebtedness, pension guarantees, loan 
guarantees, and other unfunded liabilities; some estimates place the 
real deficit at about $30 trillion, i.e., $30 thousand billion. With 
about 100 million taxpayers in the U.S., each owes $300,000. Needless 
to say, this owed amount, on average, is substantially more than their 
complete assets, on average. Even with the "official" indebtedness, the 
amount owed (if one accepts a national debt as a personal indebtedness) 
is upwards of $60,000. I use the larger amount because the U.S. 
government actually _has_ incurred that debt, officially reported or 

And yet we are occupying countries which have nothing to do with our 
national interests. Kosovo...not our problem. Afghanistant...not our 
problem. Iraq. And soon, Liberia and maybe Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, 
and Nigeria.

And then there's the Perpetual Occupation of Korea.

Meanwhile, scientists who might have spoken out on the forgeries and 
hype about the Iraq war are getting the message. Just as 
microbiologists did a few years ago when half a dozen microbiologists 
vanished. Just as other weapons experts did after Gerald Bull was 

--Tim May
"They played all kinds of games, kept the House in session all night, 
and it was a very complicated bill. Maybe a handful of staffers 
actually read it, but the bill definitely was not available to members 
before the vote." --Rep. Ron Paul, TX, on how few Congresscritters saw 
the USA-PATRIOT Bill before voting overwhelmingly to impose a police 

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