Sealing wax & eKeyboard

Peter Fairbrother zenadsl6186 at
Thu Jul 17 16:25:14 PDT 2003

Peter Fairbrother (me) wrote (in a different thread):

> BTW, m-o-o-t uses a randomised virtual keyboard with (both EM and optical)
> TEMPEST resistant fonts. It's okay for inputting keys, but it's a hassle
> for inputting text.
> Which means that your keys might be safe from keyloggers (both hardware and
> software), but your plaintext isn't. Sigh. I'm trying to improve it by
> putting the "senhorita" letters in one block and the rest elsewhere (not for
> key input obviously), and you do learn where the keys are after a while, but
> it's still a hassle.

(senhorita contains the 9 most-commonly-used-in-English letters, tho' not in

There is another problem - assuming the TEMPEST gear or camera can't see the
randomised resistant letters, if it can follow the cursor then it's just a
simple substitution cypher to get plaintext (assuming the gear can get

I thought of having a large cursor grid, with resistant symbols on each grid
place, and changing the position of the operative symbol every so often -
how often? -  but I don't know how to get such a large cursor - any ideas? X
on OpenBSD preferred.

Any better ideas?

Peter Fairbrother

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