Sealing wax & eKeyboard

Justin justin-cypherpunks at
Wed Jul 16 17:39:46 PDT 2003

Sunder (2003-07-16 17:23Z) wrote:

> Anything displayed on your screen is visible to the guy across the street
> with a TEMPEST detector unless you work in a Faraday cage.  Failing that a
> hidden pinhole camera, or an RF transmitter attached to your cable -- hell
> these are available for hobbist use right now: has small devices
> that you can use to broadcast video from one room to another.  Getting the
> same done for VGA, XVGA, etc. shouldn't be any harder.
> Using IR or RF is one of the stupidest things you could possibly
> do.  Think!  IR and RF are detectable from a distance!

If you want to get picky, a clever brain could probably figure out
keystrokes from across the street with a laser mic if the target has a
loud keyboard, considering each key will probably make a slightly
different sound.  I'd think an attacker could determine spacebar hits,
at least, and pauses, which alone might lead to a complete keystroke

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