Funding for TIA All But Dead

Neil Johnson njohnsn at
Wed Jul 16 20:13:08 PDT 2003

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 08:51 pm, Tim May wrote:
> On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 04:54  PM, Steve Schear wrote:
> > The controversial Terrorism Information Awareness program, which would
> > troll Americans' personal records to find terrorists before they
> > strike, may soon face the same fate Congress meted out to John
> > Ashcroft in his attempt to create a corps of volunteer domestic spies:
> > death by legislation.
> >
> >,1283,59606,00.html
> "In other news, the Senate Select Committee on Children's and Workplace
> Safety met today to consider the Total Safety Awareness Bill.
> Newly-appointed Commissioner of Child Safety, John Poindexter, declared
> that TSA will "finally make the streets safe for children." He
> dismissed any concern that this bill is just a rehashing of the failed
> Total Information Awareness program."

DOD Lackey: "Sorry Mr. Rumsfield, we won't be able to the money for this from 
the Homeland Security Budget".

Don: "Damn! Oh well just put the stuff in in next year's black program budget. 
I guess we'll have to scratch a X-35FDRFS thingy, but we already had budgeted 
for twice as many as we really need. Nice try though!" 

DOD: Yes Sir Mr. Rumsfield !

Neil Johnson
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