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Wed Jul 16 16:53:59 PDT 2003

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, Bill Frantz wrote:

> Ever since I heard that manufacturers were cleaning assembled boards with
> soap and water I have wondered just how much you need to protect electronic
> circuits from water.  You obviously don't want to allow them to stay damp
> so they corrode, but immersion for a time (up to weeks) followed by a fresh
> water rinse and drying might not be so bad.  Do any hardware experts have
> an opinion?

If you can avoid it, do so. Otherwise I'd suggest that a few hours to a
couple days might not be too bad, longer periods are going to be
problematic. Especially as depth increases. 33ft is 1atm, I wouldn't trust
anything submerged below that period. Saltwater is a killer.

However, if you do get water (or Coke, Dr. Pepper, Beer, Margarita's,,
Jalapeno dip, etc.) on a board then dry it off. If it's been more than a
very quick dip I'd want it to spend 24hrs under a heat lamp (but limit max
Temp to 90F). Silica Gell in a  closed box w/ the board for 24hrs can also

Irrespective of how you dry it, your next step is a alcky swab. It's
hydrophilic and evaporates with no residue.

At that point connect to power, find a monkey to hit the big red switch,
and see if the magic smoke comes out...


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