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Bill Frantz frantz at
Wed Jul 16 15:28:10 PDT 2003

At 8:49 AM -0700 7/16/03, Tim May wrote:
>(By the way, the USB flashdrive (a 256 MB FlashHopper) I have on my
>keychain--my physical keychain!--is probably waterproof. The USB port
>has a little plastic cover which slides on snugly. Until I eventually
>misplace it, I am using it. I expect the thing is showerproof, though I
>don't intend to test it. Water resistance can be tested
>nondestructively with things like Fluorinert, of course. Also, surfers
>and kayakers often have O-ring sealed gizmos they wear under their wet
>suits, coming in different sizes. It would be trivial to find one to
>hold either a USB flashdrive or a Compact Flash card.)

Ever since I heard that manufacturers were cleaning assembled boards with
soap and water I have wondered just how much you need to protect electronic
circuits from water.  You obviously don't want to allow them to stay damp
so they corrode, but immersion for a time (up to weeks) followed by a fresh
water rinse and drying might not be so bad.  Do any hardware experts have
an opinion?

Cheers - Bill

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