Sealing wax & eKeyboard

Tim May timcmay at
Wed Jul 16 11:15:30 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 10:15  AM, Sunder wrote:

> And TEMPEST monitoring equipment (or again, a hidden pinhole camera 
> behind
> you, or a transmitter hidden in your monitor) won't see what's on your
> screen because????

 From a purely optical perspective, pinhole cameras have terrible 
spatial resolution. I doubt a pinhole camera behind a user, probably on 
a wall 10 feet behind the user, could resolve 12-point type. Resolving 
a large "virtual keyboard" on a screen would be a lot easier, of course.

We've talked many times about using laptops, heads-up displays (like 
the Sony glasses), and even putting mesh bags over a user and his 
laptop. Actual Faraday cage rooms are not really needed.

All security is economics, so I would think a lot of bang for the buck 
happens with solving the most pressing problems people have with 
security: leaving their machines unattended, not using any crypto at 
all, writing passphrases down on Post-It notes, not checking for audio 
bugs, etc.

--Tim May

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