MRAM, persistence of memory

Sampo Syreeni decoy at
Mon Jul 14 15:51:12 PDT 2003

On 2003-07-14, Michael Shields uttered to Bill Frantz:

>> Encrypted swap is a crypto sweet spot, because it has perhaps the easiest
>> key management of any crypto system.  It seems that the BSD systems have it
>> while Linux still thinks it is difficult.
>It is not yet in the mainline Linux kernel, but implementations are
>available (e.g. the widely used "cryptoloop").

At this stage I think a small question is in order. Is there any Big Red
Button software out there to complement this level of paranoia?

What I mean is, after you've got everything in your system under
industrial strength crypto, you have exactly one weak spot, that being a
whole lot of people charging through your door when your system is already
running hot and accessible. At that point the only thing that can save you
is a one-touch mechanism to effect a swift (i.e. at most two or three
seconds), dirty, no-matter-what shutdown, with guaranteed loss of key

Is there open source software out there to effect that sort of thing?
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