[9fans] security hole (fwd)

Jim Choate ravage at einstein.ssz.com
Wed Jul 9 17:52:08 PDT 2003

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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 20:07:05 -0400
From: David Presotto <presotto at closedmind.org>
To: 9fans at cse.psu.edu
Subject: [9fans] security hole

I plugged a security hole in Plan 9.  It involved the state of
a process after it did a newns().  Newns() is used to create
a new namespace, usually after a process has changed uid
(like when someone attaches to a server: telnet, ssh, ...).
Newns opens a file, called a namespace file, that describes
the new namespace and then follows the instructions inside
(see /lib/namespace).

Newns(2) creates a new namespace, but until the process calling
newns does a chdir through /, it's local directory is still in the old
name space.  If the process then navigates the name space
using relative commands (chdir(".."), open("../lib/profile"))
it is walking the space using the priviledges of the OLD user id.

Because of the way namespaces are usually set up, this doesn't
normally happen.  All the normal namespace files themselves
do a chdir to /usr/$user effectively leaving the old namespace
before newns returns.  However, if either

   there wasn't such a chdir in the namespace file, i.e., if you've removed it
   for your installation


   /usr/$user (and also /usr/none) doesn't exist

then it was possible for a user to log in (for example via telnet or ssh)
and end up in a directory like /usr/bootes in which they still had
the rights of bootes.  Neither situation applied to the labs
since we have a /usr/none but one user in Japan (YAMANASHI Takeshi
<uncover at beat.cc.titech.ac.jp>) discovered it when he created an
account with no home dir.

I changed newns() to fix the problem.  It now always leaves you
chdir'd into a directory in the current namespace.  It does that
by first seeing if the namespace file has already caused a chdir
through the root.  If not, it effectively does a chdir(getpwd).
If that fails, it does a chdir("/").

This is a change in semantics.  I haven't found (by inspection)
any programs that would be bothered by it but please tell me if
you see anything fishy since I'm about to update sources with the
change.  I've been running our servers here with the change for a
few days and all seems well.

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