Idea: The ultimate CD/DVD auditing tool (meow)

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Wed Jul 9 13:55:32 PDT 2003

At 11:45 AM 7/9/03 -0700, Mike Rosing wrote:
>On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Major Variola (ret) wrote:
>> Actually I thought humans are insensitive to phase relations, modulo
>> inter-aural timing at low frequencies for spatial location.  Perhaps
>> that
>> is what you meant?   But spatial location isn't the same as the
>> frequency-fetishing
>> audiophiles go for.  To do that well you need casts of the outer ear
>> too.
>No, if you put 2 clicks out that are 10 usec's apart on right and
>left, most people can pick out which side came first.  90% of the
>time anyway.

Yes this is for localization ---clicks are broadband, you need to
identify which freq components are used.  I still think
humans can't discriminate the phase of a tone.  In fact, MP3s
use this to cut bits.

>> You doing owl-type studies on auditory localization?  Audio-visual
>> mapping
>> and plasticity?   Making the cats wear funky glasses?
>Yup.  they sew coils into their eyes.  For humans they use contacts :-)

>PETA is definitly a problem :-)

Gaak.  I was thinking prism-glasses maybe bolted on that translate the
vis field.
Its ok for undergrads so its ok for cats.

After the experiments, the cats
will be ok, as I assume they're sufficiently
plastic, unless you do brain staining on them.  :-(    Or your policy is
Tim McVeigh treatment.

Cool stuff, though my domestic feline wants to know where you live.

PS: have you identified the "can opener sound" brain-center yet?

Cats manage biometrics and reputation better than most human systems..

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