Idea: The ultimate CD/DVD auditing tool

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Wed Jul 9 10:59:39 PDT 2003

At 07:15 PM 7/8/03 -0700, Mike Rosing wrote:
>To produce 65kHz (for cats) my present boss prefers a 1 MHz sample

Do cats buy a lot of audiophile equiptment :8=||

>The human hearing system is capable of noticing phase relations at

Actually I thought humans are insensitive to phase relations, modulo
inter-aural timing at low frequencies for spatial location.  Perhaps
is what you meant?   But spatial location isn't the same as the
audiophiles go for.  To do that well you need casts of the outer ear

You doing owl-type studies on auditory localization?  Audio-visual
and plasticity?   Making the cats wear funky glasses?

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