MRAM, persistance of memory

Eric Murray ericm at
Wed Jul 9 10:43:33 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 10:23:55AM -0700, Major Variola (ret.) wrote:
> Wired has an article on magetic RAM
> that fails to mention security implications.  Obviously
> nonvolitile RAM presents a different security risk than
> RAM that forgets when powered off.  Will future OSes
> have provisions to keep certain data out of MRAM banks,
> if MRAM doesn't completely displace DRAM?
> I doubt it.

I doubt it as well.  DRAM also has power-off memory persistence 
and nearly everyone in security ignores that as well.

But not the spooks :

"The FEI-374i-DRS is a data recovery system that captures and preserved
digital data, in its original format, directly from the Dynamic Random
Access Memory (DRAM) of Digital Telephone Answering Machines (DTAMs)
The FEI-374i-DRS is an indispensable tool for forensic investigators
required to evaluate residual audio and tag information retained in
today's DRAM-based DTAMs."


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