Idea: The ultimate CD/DVD auditing tool

Peter Fairbrother zenadsl6186 at
Tue Jul 8 17:24:42 PDT 2003

okay I'm a bit pissed now. actually i'm raging pissed! Wheeee!!!

the nyquist/lindquist/someone-else-who-was-pissed sampling theorems are
based on the possibility of mathematically extracting frequencies from
digital information in a STEADY_STATE situation.

That doesn't mean that a speaker will properly reproduce those frequencies.

Consider the dynamics of energy transfer. A digital signal at
near-1/2-sampling frequency will have two datum points. The transitiion
between them will be dramatic! the possibilities of energy transfer will not
be comparable to an analogue sinusoidal waveform.

And that's why good analogue is better then good digital.

Doug Self etc. did some work on ultra-fast analogue systems in the mid 90's,
and designed some amps that were and are regarded as pretty good - but afaik
he didn't get the theory right.

Peter Fairbrother

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