idea: brinworld meets the credit card

Morlock Elloi morlockelloi at
Tue Jul 8 15:12:30 PDT 2003

> Those are the hard problems.  No one in biometrics
> has yet been able to solve them in a general way.

And the merchant example is the wrong application.

The merchant doesn't care WHO you are - that's a false premise.

Merchant cares if you can pay. Now, that's a completely solvable issue.

Of course, we know who and why is trying to misrepresent this.

All other applications of biometrics boil down to threatening with punishment
(we know who you are, behave or else ...) - and then the biometrics ceases to
be in the interest of the eyeball holder. Even granting door access to
"employees" fits this category. You don't let "any qualified mathematician
willing to work" to enter the lab - you let in only those that you know where
they live, have signed contracts with them, etc.

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