collision resistant hash functions-

Sarad AV jtrjtrjtr2001 at
Mon Jul 7 23:34:24 PDT 2003


--- "Major Variola (ret)" <mv at> wrote:
> Because there are no collision *free* hash
> functions,
> there will always be several domain elements that
> map to the
> same range element.  Assuming more domain elements
> than
> range elements, which is generally what people mean
> by hashing.

yes-thats clear. 

> You're probably looking for functions that make it
> hard to intentionally
>find arguments that produce hashes identical to a
>given one.

Say I hash 2^80 messages using SHA-1. I want to be
sure that no 2 messages will hash to the same MD or
has a very low probability of hashing to the same MD.I
was looking on how to build such compression

> first
> have to use language more precisely to get any use
> out of it.

Yes-I will be careful.

Regards Sarath.

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