mattd Needs Killing (was: Re: CDR: Reporter writing article on proffr/mattd and threats)

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Wed Jul 2 15:52:30 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Declan McCullagh wrote:

> I received a phone call today from a newspaper reporter who's writing an 
> article on mattd/proffr and wanted background on the cypherpunks group or 
> movement, as he put it. The reporter -- who covers crime, law enforcement, 
> and the courts -- wanted to know whether mattd/proffr was representative of 
> the group or an outlier, and stressed that two other cypherpunks have been 
> imprisoned for their actions in this area.

I would tell your reporter friend (?) not to bother wasting his cycles on a
lunatic.  Whether or not he's still spewing his shit (like you I [attempt]
to filter all his crap) is really irrelevent, since he's [by definition] not
capable of spewing an actual "position".  

Do reporters write articles about street people who scream at walls?  So why
write one about a nutcase that somehow stumbled across cypherpunks?  He's
merely found an outlet where the word "kill" doesn't get much of a reaction,
and he likely feels extra-manly using it, so...

> Anyway, the Feds apparently are neither confirming nor denying that an 
> investigation is in progress, except to say that they are "aware" of 
> mattd/proffr's post.

How could they *not* be?  The fact that they haven't even bothered to arrest
him says it all - even *they* realize that mattd is just a blathering
psych patient in search of a rubber room.

> This is what I learned from the phone call. I have no firsthand knowledge.

Nice disclaimer...

> -Declan

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