Hard assets in case we hit have a major economic depression?

R. A. Hettinga rah at shipwright.com
Mon Feb 24 20:50:41 PST 2003

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From: Tim May (tcmay at got.net )
Subject: Re: Hard assets in case we hit have a major economic depression? 

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Newsgroups: misc.consumers.frugal-living ,misc.survivalism 
Date: 2003-02-22 19:09:31 PST 
In article <dndg5v4l5ot6h6ih87vup1po5oves8btma at 4ax.com>, Vance Rogers
<Vance_Rogers at ix.netcom.com> wrote: > Yes we are. But of course, no one wants to be the messenger.
> How many a major corporations have to file Chapter 13? How
> big does the Deficit have to get? The National Debt beyond
> its statuatory limit (it his that limit in February), the unemployment
> rate in certain parts of the country, in certain industries is MUCH
> higher than being reported, because when someone's enemployment
> runs out, they are no longer counted as part of the unemployment
> statistics, and after a year of not working, are considered "drop
> outs" from the market.
> The problems are larger than they were in the 30's, it just hasn't
> been reported honestly to the American people. But reporting on this is considered "economic treason" under the
Homeland Security Act, PATRIOT Act, Protection of the Reich Act, etc.

Also, it's in our best interest to let this train wreck keep

When the collapse comes, the burnoff of 40 million useless eaters will
be glorious to behold! 

Fuck the inner city welfare mutant thieves. Put their heads on pikes,
just as in: http://images.ogrish.com/2003/2212003/decap3.jpg Fuck them dead. And gas their litters of little brown welfare eaters.

--Tim May 

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