Trap guns, black baggers, and "Arlington Road"

Eric Cordian emc at
Mon Feb 10 12:00:55 PST 2003

Tim writes:

> With USAPATRIOT and HOMESEC REICHSPROTEKTION acts authorizing black bag 
> jobs, break-ins, planting of evidence, keystroke-logging, 
> administrative rubber-stamp warrants (no judge, just a GS-8 or higher 
> saying "Go for it!'), it's time to revisit the issue of trap guns and 
> booby traps.

Coincidentally, the news this morning reports on a home invasion in which
a homeowner shot dead two of three members of an assault team that smashed
into his condo and began firing.

Details on the identities of the perps are being withheld from the news
media pending further "investigation."


Resident kills 2 condo intruders
By Bill Miller
Star-Telegram Dallas Bureau

DALLAS - Gunfire erupted early Thursday morning when three men armed with
pistols burst into a north Dallas condominium. Two of the intruders died
when a resident returned fire, police said.

Details were sketchy Thursday as Dallas homicide detectives investigated
the shooting at the Kensington Square Apartments in the 15800 block of
Knoll Trail Drive, just east of the North Dallas Tollway.

Detectives said they were not yet ready to release the names of the people
involved, only that the incident began around 9 a.m. in a condo that was
occupied by the 29-year-old man, his wife and their three children.


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