My favorite line from the DOJ's latest draft bill

Sunder sunder at
Sun Feb 9 17:40:43 PST 2003

My new favorite is how Rumsfeld just said that the Europe Delay to give
the inspectors more time will INCREASE the chance of war....  Uh huh...,2933,78003,00.html

My, my, how the reptiles have evolved the ability to speak out both sides
of their mouth... or more aptly put out of another orifice better fitted
to the application of toilet paper.

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  \|/  :and didn't stop 9-11|share them, you don't hang them on your/\|/\
<--*-->:Instead of rewarding|monitor, or under your keyboard, you   \/|\/
  /|\  :their failures, we  |don't email them, or put them on a web  \|/
 + v + :should get refunds! |site, and you must change them very often.
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On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Declan McCullagh wrote:

> terrorism is at least as dangerous to the United States' national security 
> as drug offenses

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