FC: DOJ quietly drafts USA Patriot II, includes anti-crypto section

Sunder sunder at sunder.net
Sun Feb 9 06:59:51 PST 2003

Time to start a new ad campaign:

"You don't run around naked in public do you?  Neither should your
packets!  Encrypt your traffic - it's just common sense!"

"Your internet packets are naked! Clothe them with IPSEC" 

"Don't help the terrorists to your financial info - encrypt!"

"You wouldn't want Osama reading your email, would you?  Encrypt"

Then when everything's encrypted, such laws can be challenged.

 + ^ + :NSA got $20Bil/year |Passwords are like underwear. You don't /|\
  \|/  :and didn't stop 9-11|share them, you don't hang them on your/\|/\
<--*-->:Instead of rewarding|monitor, or under your keyboard, you   \/|\/
  /|\  :their failures, we  |don't email them, or put them on a web  \|/
 + v + :should get refunds! |site, and you must change them very often.
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On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Declan McCullagh wrote:

> Thanks to Joe for being the first one to submit this... Here's a duplicate 
> URL if the original is too slow:
> http://www.privacy.org/patriot2draft.pdf
> Note the draft legislation creates a new federal felony of willfully using 
> encryption in the commission of a felony. "No more than five years" in 
> prison plus a hefty fine. This seems at first glance to be remarkably 
> similar to what was in the SAFE bill years ago. Here's a Politech message 
> from 1998, before the politechbot.com archives:
> http://www.inet-one.com/cypherpunks/dir.98.05.11-98.05.17/msg00046.html

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