The Statism Meme

Blanc blancw at
Tue Feb 4 18:38:42 PST 2003

Harmon Seaver said:

>  Yaaas, yaass, yyaaasss -- and what about us half-assed libertarians, us
>leftysized anarchistic earthfirsters, us gunslinging 2nd boys (and
>WTF is this ".30-06" bullshit anyway, we ain't all that ancient?),
>and other fringe/extremeist ufo/wacko pppeeeples? I mean -- I mean --
>WTF do you mean, Blanc, by signifyin' on all us folks thataway?

It was Duncan, said this.

As for half-assed libertarians, well, they're left to their own devices.
But I expect you'd be twisting in the wind just the same.


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