The Statism Meme

Duncan Frissell frissell at
Tue Feb 4 13:42:45 PST 2003

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Blanc wrote:

> Years ago I asked a group of Libertarians at a meeting what they would do if
> a particular politican, who was then running for President, won and turned
> everything into a bona-fide, outright statist state like Russia was at the
> time.  They couldn't adequately answer my question; they couldn't come up
> with any ideas of how to deal with it, what they would do if they suddenly
> were faced with having to live with it.  Maybe they were just being

You mean no one said, "I'd grab the .30-06 and head for the hills"?

We're not quite there yet.  Since no one did it during WWII when the
oppression was greater -- 200,000 internees, rationing, travel controls,
bans on posession of radio equipment, conscription, etc. -- we have some
time to think.


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