Shuttle Humor

Meyer Wolfsheim wolf at
Mon Feb 3 00:48:37 PST 2003

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Eric Cordian wrote:

> The look on your fellow astronauts'
> faces right before the grenade you are
> holding explodes --                        PRICELESS

Please. If we're going to toss around conspiracy theories, let's make sure
they are sane. I am having a hard time imagining a scenario in which it
would benefit the Israeli cause to blow up their first astronaut in space.

Perhaps if it could be made to appear as a terroristic act by the evil
ragheads, maybe Israel would attempt a stunt like this, to further the
American/Israeli "brothers in arms" mentality. But there appears to be no
such scenario that is remotely plausible.

The only theory that I find remotely worth pursuing is that the shuttle
was bringing something back to earth that didn't want to come down. Tim
seems to have thoughts about this -- how easily could a satellite be
designed with a "self-destruct upon reentering Earth's atmosphere" device?
The motivation would certainly be there. I can't see China perpetrating a
"terrorist act" against the US at this point in time, but I could see
China taking steps to prevent the successful theft of its military
surveillance devices.

This isn't to say that force majeure isn't the most likely culprit here.
Space travel is inherently dangerous, and I'm honestly surprised that less
than 2% of our shuttle flights have resulted in catastrophe.


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