punk and free markets

Declan McCullagh declan at well.com
Sun Feb 2 12:15:36 PST 2003

At 01:56 PM 2/2/2003 -0500, Tyler Durden wrote:
>Yes perhaps. I try not to think too much (I don't trust 'thinking' unless 
>its mathematics or a good experimental setup), but I'll ponder for a 
>while, to the extent that I am able....

Well, my response was meant to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, of course, and 
I'm sure I deserved whatever polite reprimand lurked within John Young's, 
um, reply.

But no subscriber, at least to a first approximation, has the power to shut 
others up here ("come on out and enforce whatever ideology it is desired we 
bow down to").

If you think that Tim is being critical, well, that's the way that Tim is 
sometimes. Go ahead and killfile him. I routed two subscribers to my trash 
folder years ago on the account I use to subscribe to cypherpunks and do 
not regret it. Not only is complaining not going to work, it's not a very 
cypherpunkly thing to do (to the extent that there is any commonly-held 
understanding of cypherpunkly duties, you know). :)


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