Passenger rail is for adventurers and bums

Steve Mynott steve at
Sun Feb 2 05:25:46 PST 2003

Bill Stewart

> Tim commented about railroad stations being in the ugly parts of town.
> That's driven by several things - decay of the inner cities,
> as cars and commuter trains have let businesses move out to suburbs,
> and also the difference between railroad stations that were
> built for passengers (New York's Grand Central, Washington's
> Union Station)

In the UK at least railway stations tend to have been built in the ugly
parts of towns for good reason -- simply because land is a lot cheaper in
the low rent parts of town.

Also railways stations and the associated cheap hotels with a large
transient population tend to attract undesirables such as drug dealers,
muggers and hookers and the sort of thing which pushs the value of your
house down and nice middle class people don't want on their doorstep.

The people in richer areas tend to have more political clout and more
effectively oppose development of this sort.

-- Steve

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