Confiscation of Anti-War Video

Bill Frantz frantz at
Thu Oct 31 11:37:44 PST 2002

At 4:13 PM -0800 10/29/02, John Kelsey wrote:
>At 12:01 PM 10/28/02 -0800, Tim May wrote:
>>By the way, there are perfectly good fixes to the current hysteria
>>about things carried on board planes...
>I think the best fix is to accept that a determined suicidal attacker will
>probably manage to bring down the plane, but make sure that's the worst he
>can do.  That removes the externality problem.  The current algorithm for
>this is some combination of pilots being told not to go along with
>hijackers' demands, and maybe some chance of getting a military jet in
>place to shoot the hijacked plane down, if it is taken over by the

Another "fix" that is being used is passengers who will act to keep the
plane from being used as a weapon.  If the hijackers have to kill people
with small sharp objects that they can smuggle on board, instead of mass
killing devices like machine guns, then a large number of passengers can
overcome a small number of hijackers.  (Remember, your seat cushion makes a
good shield.)  If the cockpit door keeps the hijackers out, then there is a
good chance that there will be survivors.

Cheers - Bill

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