The Multiple Dave Emerys

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Tue Oct 29 09:05:23 PST 2002

At 10:19 PM 10/28/02 -0500, Dave Emery wrote:
>On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 09:32:48PM -0500, Tyler Durden wrote:
>> Any chance this is the same Dave Emery who does the radio broadcasts?
>> listen from WFMU). If so, man! If a tiny fraction of the stuff you
>> said over the years is true, well...brrr.
> Sorry, a completely unrelated east coast David Emery.  Never
>met the west coast radio personality, though it is possible we share
>some opinions...

And probably are on some of the same Lists... which confuses the
Listmakers no end...


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