[camram-spam] very close to done

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.billerica.ma.us
Fri Oct 25 15:15:03 PDT 2002

I've checked in all of my recent changes and this is what you have:

Camram filter that seems to work.  Occasionally it falls over and dies.
  Do not use if you care about receiving your e-mail.

Jail management tool that lets you look at your jail and do a minimal
amount of white list additions.  It looks ugly because this is a
"temporary" feature.

I'll probably finish the jail tool and make the system fully operational
on the receive side sometime this weekend.  Then I will start on the
outbound proxy (unless somebody beats me to it).

The receive side filter is almost ready to go live except for one thing.
  I'm still stuck on the old format hashcash definition because I do not
have a Java applet to use in conjunction with the autoresponder bounce

This is what I want: a really simple applet that will work with Java
engines back as far as Netscape 4.6 and works on Windows, Macintosh,
Linux.  No fancy GUI or messages.  Just a simple crank out the stamp
type application.  If folks think it's a good idea, it should just
generate and send the stamp as soon as it is invoked and not wait for a
human to do anything.

simple, portable, working.

I don't need write once-debug everywhere.


if this had been an actual release announcement, the actual release
readme would follow:


Camram is an antispam system predicated on making spam more expensive
for the spammer that it is for the recipient.

This is the first barely functional release of the camram antispam
filter.  It should provide a reasonable degree of protection for an
individual against Spam intrusion as well as give you manual control
to handle the cases where generates a false positive.

Camram generates false positives when ever there is no one or no thing
at the senders address to respond to the challenge message.  Only
under those circumstances do you need to go to the jail and pullout
the innocent message.


major subsystems:

	Camram filter
	challenge response CGI
	jail management CGI
	hashcash executable

create the owner and group camram.  I usually make it 499. yimv

build hashcash executable according to instructions and install it in

make the following directories

change the local camram directory group ownership to camram
chgrp -R camram ~/.camram

copy all of the src/*.py files into /usr/local/camram/bin

change "release_URL" in camram_filter.py to reflect your URL.

change to sgid directory and build camram and jail.cgi sgid wrappers.
change the group ID of both wrappers to camram
copy the camram sgid wrapper to /usr/local/camram/bin

configure your Web server to have a /camram/ CGI directory
place jail.cgi and the contents of webstamp into that directory.

copy the sample configuration file from the ancillary directory into your
~/camram/ directory.  Change the e-mail address definition to be your
e-mail addresses for this account.  for the time being,

use sample procmail script (adjusted for local parameters) in your
personal .procmailrc.

send yourself a test message from another account and and you should
get a bounce message back.  If there is no bounce message, check the
procmail log for python exceptions.

If you do get a bounce message back, check the .camram directory to
see if you have three files containing the string "white_list" and
that they are owned by group camram with permissions 660.

respond to the bounce message appropriately (i.e. calculate a stamp
with the browser) and see if the jailed message is released to your
mail box.  Again, if it doesn't release check the procmail log.

if it doesn't work at this point, then, send me a bug report and
remove the .procmailrc from your home directory to disable camram.

if everything is working at this point, then turn off autoresponder
messages by setting block_autoresponder to true in the local
configuration file.

periodically examine the jail and approve messages either by
user/subject markers or by some other marker (IKWTFID) internal to the
message.  Once the proportion of Spam starts climbing to the 80
percent mark, turn on the autoresponder by setting block_autoresponder
to 0 (i.e. false) in the local configuration file.

To unsubscribe, e-mail: camram-spam-unsubscribe at camram.org
For additional commands, e-mail: camram-spam-help at camram.org

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