One of Brinworld's uglier moments, no rights for immies

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at
Thu Oct 24 00:58:45 PDT 2002

At 06:02 PM 10/21/2002 -0700, Major Variola (ret) wrote:
>So two illegals are going back because they were in a white van
>near a pay phone.  They're fortunate, they only got the
>12gauge in the face and the asphalt facial;
>in a month it'll be a cruise missile first, forensics later.

If this were Brinworld, the two victims would have a video
safely offsite somewhere made by their Rodney King shoulder cameras,
and the cops would be getting the week off without pay for rudeness.

If this were Brin-dystopia, the cop car would have a camera,
and once the first cop looked up the license plate and
saw that there were two non-Anglo people in the generic-looking van,
he'd let his partner know to leave his jacket over the camera
when he got out of the car so they could beat them up.

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