One of Brinworld's uglier moments, no rights for immies

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Mon Oct 21 18:02:24 PDT 2002

So two illegals are going back because they were in a white van near a
pay phone.
They're fortunate, they only got the 12gauge in the face and the asphalt
in a month it'll be a cruise missile first, forensics later.

"Mr. Godsniper, call us back.  We couldn't trace^H^H^H^H^H hear you. "

The announcement came hours after Virginia
authorities took two men into custody after
surrounding a white van near a Richmond gas station.
However, sources said the two men weren't involved
in the attacks and would be deported to Latin
America for immigration violations.

"They were in the wrong place at the wrong time," a
senior law enforcement source in Washington said on
condition of anonymity.

Moosehunting in Virginia, ayup.  Random primate hunting,
now a Steak House: clearly its a PETA terrorist,
letting us graze the greener grass on the other side.

Homo sapiens: the other white meat.

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