I didn't think this would work, but now I'm glad I tried!

Leahs_biz at hotmail.com Leahs_biz at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 20 12:35:57 PDT 2002

 Invest $1 To Make $5000.00
> Hello,
> Have you heard this before: "$20,000 in 2 weeks for just $10"?
> Would you just give out $10.00? NO way!!
> But, how about just one dollar? That's right the cost of a small cup of
> coffee.
> Yes $1.00 and you will get about $5,000.00 for your efforts.
> Follow the directions below and in two weeks you'll have at least
> $5,000 because most people respond due to low investment and high profit
> potential.
> Just send $1 to one person, instead of the usual 3 or 4.
> Now let me tell you the simple details.
> Log into your Paypal account, and send the 1st person's e-mail on the
> list $1.00.
> PayPal will then ask you to select type, select: service, and put
> "Add me to mailing list" for the subject.
> Remember, only the first person on the list gets your $1.00
> Then remove that person's name and e-mail from the list, and move
> the second name and e-mail to Position One. Add your name and e-mail to
> Position Two.
> After you have re-typed the names in the new order, send to many
> people, as possible, immediately. That's all there is to it.
> When your name reaches the first position in about 2 days, it will be
> your turn to receive $1 payments.
> They will be sent to you by approximately 5,000 people like yourself
> who are willing to invest $1 to receive $5,000.
> Because there are only 2 names on the list, you can anticipate your
> payments coming back to you incredibly fast.
> A lot faster than similar programs with more names on the list.
> NOW get started here is the list, and success to you.
> Position 1:  esther  victory02 at shaw.ca
> Position 2:  Leahs_biz at hotmail.com
> Don't have Paypal?
> Please do not let that stop you. Join for free here.
> https://www.paypal.com/refer/pal=S6V2MVLPLMQ5S

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