One time pads

Morlock Elloi morlockelloi at
Sat Oct 19 00:33:48 PDT 2002

> Also, can your tool use floppies instead of USB keys?

It's a freakin' C program that works on a file - but carrying a floppy around
is so ... ordinary.

> There are problems with KGB-quality attackers recovering overwritten data
> which are probably much more serious for disks than flash rom,
> but they're nearly universal and good shredders work well on them.

Bits are overwritten by running PRNG output on them 128 times, PRNG being
seeded by the data that has just been erased. We use DES in counter mode as

> You need to use each bit twice - once to encrypt, and once to decrypt.
> Destroying them after the first use is a bad idea....

Why would sender need to decrypt known plaintext is beyond me ... sender XORs
and destroys bits, recipient XORs and destroys bits. Each in their respective
dongles, once.

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