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Hi Bob,

Here's a more detailed plug for the Forum. Please feel free to post it
anywhere you think folks might be interested.

The 3rd Annual Consult Hyperion Digital Identity Forum will be held in
London on November 12th and 13th 2002. Thanks to our sponsors, it will cost
only UKP595 plus VAT for two days of discussion, debate and learning at the
forefront of the digital identity field.

This year's theme will be the balance between security and privacy in the
post-September 11th world because public and private sectors have choices to
make in the implementation of the identity and authentication schemes that
are necessary to evolve the online world, but these choices are not

The event, sponsored by RSA Security with support from Cybersource, PayPal
and American Express is complementary to the annual Digital Money Forum and
is a place to share knowledge across the field of digital identity: not
simply the technical aspects of certificates, biometrics, smart cards and so
on, but the business and social aspects that will shape this emerging field.
The speakers will therefore include legal personnel, IT specialists, private
and public sector experts, law enforcement personnel, a psychologist and

For more information and the up-to-date programme please see

Confirmed speakers already include:
Steve Marsh, Director of Security Policy for the UK Government's e-Envoy.
Laurent Beslay from the EC Joint Research Centre in Seville.
Jof Walters, a strategist with online bank Egg.
Ian Walden from the Institute of Computer & Communications Law in London.
Andre Durand from Digital ID World in the US.
Gabi Vago of Fortress.
Clare Lees from the Henley Centre, experts on public attitudes.
Psychologist and expert on virtual identity, Kristina Downing-Orr.
Simon Pugh of MasterCard, a Liberty Alliance board member.
Peter Dalziel from the Royal Bank of Scotland.
Bill Perry, an advisor to the UK Passport Office.
Caspar Bowden from Microsoft UK, an expert on security and privacy in

Hope to see you there.

Dave Birch.

-- My own opinion (I think) given solely in my capacity
-- as an interested member of the general public.
-- mail dgw(at), web

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