was: Echelon-like resources..

Sunder sunder at sunder.net
Sun Oct 13 03:34:37 PDT 2002

> Yes: The factory was bombed, but actual  
> deaths were one night watchman, "not tens 
> of thousands", and he asserted that the  
> Sudanese government are the good guys in 
> the civil war, and their opponents  
> terrorists. 

And how many of their citizens have or will die due to lack of those very
same pharamceuticals that the bombed factory can no longer produce? Or
suffer from disease due to the same?

Perhaps not tens of thousands, but more than just the single night
watchman, I'd say.

The point isn't how many deaths, but what collateral damage was done.  Not
just in the sense of civilian casualties, but also the damage inflicted on
those by the effect of not having said facility around.

Of course, for all you and I really know that could have been an Anthrax
factory cleverly disguised as as a pharmaceuticals factory, but we can put
up rethorical questions and answers such as these for the next millenia
and not get anywhere either.

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