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Sat Oct 12 16:30:18 PDT 2002

"Yes: The factory was bombed, but actual
deaths were one night watchman, "not tens
of thousands","

Well, you haven't given me a very convincing argument here. In most of his 
writings, Chomsky makes it clear that the deaths were not due to the bomb, 
but the loss of medicine (such as penecillin) in Sudan's only pharmecuetical 

"Or the fact that Nicaruaga brought  the
> > US before the world court and won?
>Perhaps that was true,"

Uh...perhaps? That should be a very easy thing to find out, and as the 
accusation and conviction were quite damming, and as you claim Chomsky 
regularly "lies" on many of his citations, I would have thought that this at 
least would be one citation you'd check.

Got to say...I'm a busy man, and you haven't even said anything meriting 
even the investigaion of your dis-chomsky web page.

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>Subject: Re: was: Echelon-like resources..
>Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 11:57:24 -0700 (PDT)
>Tyler Durden
> > As for Chomsky lying, can you give us
> > some specific citations? Did he lie
> > about our support for Sadam Hussein?
> > Our support for Indonesia?
> > Our bombing  of the sudanese
> > pharmacuetical factory?
>Yes: The factory was bombed, but actual
>deaths were one night watchman, "not tens
>of thousands", and he asserted that the
>Sudanese government are the good guys in
>the civil war, and their opponents
> > Or the fact that Nicaruaga brought  the
> > US before the world court and won?
>Perhaps that was true, but pretty much
>everything else he reported on Nicaragua
>was a lie, for example that the
>Sandinistas won free elections, and that
>the contras were a creation of the US,
>and that the Sandinistas were more
>popular than the contras.
> > Granted, Chonskty can be a little
> > tiring on the ears, but my knee-jerk
> > reaction towards your calling him a
> > liar is that you misunderstood the
> > citation. But then again, I could be
> > wrong, so do give us some examples, eh?
>See my web page "Chomsky lies"
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