Receive Phone Calls and Faxes While Youre Online

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Sat Oct 12 13:47:47 PDT 2002

Tired of missing all of your phone calls while you’re on the Internet?
Ever wonder who’s trying to get a hold of you while you’re surfing the web?

"I've been trying to reach you all day, but all I ever get is the busy
signal!" We've all heard this complaint from our friends and relatives, or
even complained about it ourselves.

The Emerson Switchboard is exactly what you need to make sure you never have
this conversation again. This great product allows you to receive phone
calls and faxes while you remain on the Internet, so you won’t need another
phone line.  Buy one for yourself, or as a gift for that "hard to reach"
Internet user that you know.

Here's how it works:

If someone calls you while you're online, The Emerson Switchboard will
immediately ring and flash a red light, notifying you of the incoming call.
If you choose to take the call, simply pick up the telephone that you’ve
wisely plugged into the Emerson Switchboard. When you answer, your Internet
connection will automatically be placed "on hold".  After you are finished
with your phone conversation, simply hang up, and get right back to your
Internet use.  It’s that simple! With the Emerson Switchboard, you can stay
connected to the Internet until your clicking finger goes numb, without the
worry of missing any important calls or faxes.

It's the Perfect Internet Call Waiting Solution!

The Emerson Switchboard eliminates the need for an expensive second phone
line.  It's Caller ID compatible as well, so you can see who is calling
before taking the call.  The hassle-free Switchboard is extremely easy to
install.  Just plug it in.  There's no software to install, no complex
configurations, and no need to open up your computer.  Want to know more?  
Just click on the link below.


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