David Howe DaveHowe at
Thu Oct 10 13:13:59 PDT 2002

"Trei, Peter" <ptrei at> wrote:
> It was Sweden. They didn't really have an excuse - over a year
> Lotus announced their "International" version with details of the
> Factor Reduction Field" at the RSA Conference. I immediately invented
> the term 'espionage enabled' to describe this feature, a term which
> entered the crypto lexicon.
Indeed so, yes - If my memory isn't failing me though, their "excuse"
was that the lotus salesdroid they had awarded the contract to hadn't
disclosed it to them in his bid and in fact, the original tender had
specified *secure* encryption, not *secure, except for the american spy
industry*. I don't know enough sweedish to even attempt a google on it
though :)

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