[OT Canute] Re: [LINK] [Fwd: Interesting KPMG report on DRM]

Ken Brown k.brown at ccs.bbk.ac.uk
Tue Oct 8 09:54:06 PDT 2002

In the interests of even more pedantry and accuracy can I point out that
Canute (usually spelled "Knut" these days in solidarity with our Dansk
brethren :-)  was mostly a king in *Southern* England, living at Bosham
near Chichester? Though at one point he ruled over all England, Denmark,
and some of the bits in between as well.

"Trei, Peter" wrote:
> > Robin Whittle[SMTP:rw at firstpr.com.au] wrote:
> > .
> [lots of good stuff about the music business clipped]
> > I think this is an accurate analysis of a really sad situation.  Like
> > King Canute, the record companies are devoting most of their thinking
> > and resources to holding back the tide.
> >
> [even more good stuff clipped]
> In the interests of pedantry and accuracy, may I point out that Canute
> did not actually expect to hold back the tide. Canute was an an early
> Danish king of northern England, living ~995-1035. Like most modern
> leaders, he was surrounded by yes-men. Unlike them, he did something
> about it:

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