Natural pain relief for backaches & headaches

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Tue Oct 8 12:49:15 PDT 2002

Aches & Pains don't discriminate, so if you are someone you 
know needs help, seek Naturally Painless.

Before Pain Strikes Again, get your bottle of Naturally Painless and:

* Soothe Unbearable Backaches
* Zap Away Headaches
* Relieve Arthritis & Joint Soreness
* Eliminate Knee Suffering
* Demolish Muscle Soreness
* Ease Neck & Shoulder Stiffness
* Alleviate Toothaches
* Rescue Sprained Ankles

Pain relief shouldn't be a financial pain-in-the-neck, so we 
lowered our prices. Save 46% now and order Naturally Painless 
for only $14.99 by following this link:

Naturally Painless contains Aloe Vera, sage Oil, Menthol, 
Eucalyptus Oil, and other safe, organic ingredients for natural, 
cooling pain relief.

Check out this Physician's Testimonial:

"My patients receive tremendous and virtually immediate relief from 
just spraying Naturally Painless on their bodies. Backaches, knees, 
shoulders, necks, arms, you name it
 Where there was pain, there is 
now relief. I have never before seen anything this effective in a 
natural remedy, and with out side effects." - Dr. J. Jutkowitz, D.C.

Order now and Save 46% on Naturally Painless by following this link:

Don't take pills to ease the pain, just spray it away with 
Naturally Painless.


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