Why is a Georgia Tech machine the nameserver for pipeline.com?

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at pobox.com
Mon Oct 7 00:04:35 PDT 2002

Somebody wrote to the cypherpunks list:
> > It seems to be strange that he wrote at <jya at pipeline.com>,
> > an address which is also given on his web page, but
> > ping pipeline.com doesn't work.

Very strange.
Pipeline has a bunch of MX records, mx01.pipeline.com etc., which we expected.
Pinging mx12.pipeline.com works fine.
www.pipeline.com is www.mindspring.net, which is no surprise.

What's strange is that there are three nameservers for pipeline.com,
at least according to the nslookup that I did.
Two of them are itchy and scratchy.mindspring.net, which sound reasonable,
but the first one is burdell.cc.gatech.edu.
Burdell accepts pings, smtp, and DNS queries, but not telnet or http.
postmaster at burdell does expand, and is running procmail....

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