What email encryption is actually in use?

Jeremey Barrett jeremey at rot26.com
Wed Oct 2 08:04:03 PDT 2002

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Bill Stewart wrote:
| If your organization is an ISP, the risks are letting them
| handle your email at all (especially with currently proposed
| mandatory eavesdropping laws), and STARTTLS provides a
| mechanism for direct delivery that isn't as likely to be blocked
| by anti-spamming restrictions on port 25.
| Now to get some email *clients* using it.

BTW, most and probably all of the major mail clients out there will do
STARTTLS *for SMTP*. It's a matter of servers offering it and clients
being configured to actually use it. It'd be nice if they always used it
if it's available, but right now I think they all require being told to.

Specifically, Mozilla, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape (all the way
back to 4.7x at least), Evolution, and Eudora all support STARTTLS
(again, for SMTP). I imagine there are others that do as well.

Amusingly, virtually none of them support STARTLS on any other protocol.
:) IMAP and POP are almost all supported only on dedicated SSL ports
(IMAPS, POP3S). Argh.

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