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Bill Smith URMarketing at
Tue Oct 1 09:22:29 PDT 2002

The WORLDS First Debit VISA card that helps you
ELIMINATE DEBT! Bank Owned and Opperated Progarm
No Checking Account Needed Bad Credit or Good Credit
everyone receives this International Visa Card. You
can earn up to $100k or more a year being an Agent.
This is a World Wide Opportunity!
We supply you with a FREE Web Site to promote our
Visa Card That Pays. Each time someone signs up on
your Free Web Site you will receive an e-mail notifying
you of this.
All that participate are paid in U.S. Dollars, this is an
International VISA Card Get started now for FREE.
We have Marketing Office locations in the USA and around
the World, in the U.S., we are in Colorado, South Carolina
and Georga. The pay is good for just having people visit
your Free Web Site where every one can sign up for FREE.
Please visit, See Link Book Mark - The Card That Pays
if you are not interested please send us an email to remove your name from our list.
mailto: URMarketing2 at

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