Anyone heard about the Berkeley college student?

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Fri Nov 29 09:06:09 PST 2002

In the Chinese papers over the last few days they've been reporting an 
incident that happened to a Chinese UC Berkeley college student, who was 
using her cell phone to discuss playing some sort of videogame. The 
videogame involves placing "explosives" in various places in the game.

Apparently, whithin minutes after completing the call, police (or other) 
officers showed up at her room and brought her in for questioning. She 
apparently brought the officers over to the friend's house to show them the 
videogame, "proving" that she was indeed talking about a videogame.

Has anyone heard of this in the "regular" (ie, non-Chinese) press? The 
Chinese folks are of course up in arms about the apparent "profiling" this 
would imply, apparently ignoring the deeper implications. (For instance, did 
they actually get a wire tap for this monitoring? If so, why? If not, 

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