Video Mules: (Was: Re: Psuedo-Private Key (eJazeera) )

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at
Tue Nov 26 00:24:34 PST 2002

At 10:23 AM 11/24/2002 -0600, Neil Johnson wrote:
>(Referring to previous thread about capturing video.)
>As I sit here looking at a 64 MB SD Card that I just picked up for $28 at my
>local Wally World, I was wondering why it (or it is larger capacity brethren)
>couldn't be used to record video  and then (after appropriate protection)

Because there's no particularly good reason?  :-)
Because you can hide it well enough on your person,
either hidden or else in plain sight disguised as a coat button
or a fake police badge or a <Peace Sign> or "Off the Pigs" button?
Because if you're in a situation where there's a real threat of this,
you're probably much better off doing some kind of radio relay
so that the surviving members of your cadre can upload the data,
either plaintext, encrypted, or stegoed?
Mules are trying to transmit atoms, not bits, and if you're
trying to transmit bits, there are lots of ways to transmit bits.

Some of the memory flake formats are really pretty thin and hidable,
though the rotating disk versions aren't as easily concealed.
But if you can do the mechanicals do make memory safely and
recoverably swallowed, you can probably do the mechanicals to
fit a backup storage system in your belt buckle or shoe-phone.

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