sleep deprivation was Re: Torture done correctly is a terminal process

Steve Mynott steve at
Mon Nov 25 14:00:59 PST 2002

On Monday, Nov 25, 2002, at 21:14 Europe/London, Harmon Seaver wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 12:58:55PM -0800, Steve Schear wrote:

>> I should think that a bit of practical training in self hypnosis could
>> thwart sensory deprivation.  I read some books in my youth on SH and 
>> found
>> I could put myself in a self-induced altered reality state from which 
>> I
>> could not be easily awakened.  I imagine you could make yourself lean 
>> up
>> against a wall until your muscles failed without much of a problem.  
>> I've
>> heard surgery without anesthetic is possible, so physical abuse might 
>> be
>> thwarted as well for the well conditioned.
>    Practioners of yoga should have a ball. Just another yogic 
> meditation
> exercize.

Neither of you appear to understand what psychological torture is.

Read some of the reports on the web about what happens.

These techniques are employed by governments the world over to break 
fanatical and trained terrorists.

It's not some New Age weekend camp when you imprisoned and beaten by 
your captors.

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