Video Mules: (Was: Re: Psuedo-Private Key (eJazeera) )

Morlock Elloi morlockelloi at
Sun Nov 24 12:03:39 PST 2002

> couldn't be used to record video  and then (after appropriate protection) 
> swallowed.

Eventually this will happen. Maybe a video recorded into a DNA of a bacteria
synthesized in a portable device ("diamond age", anyone ?)

Ne protocols will be required ("if I infect this east coast girl, how long it
will take for the message to get to south africa ?")

Which will have interesting consequences. For the time being the state is
comfortable sifting through wired internet (after winning the crypto war) and
listening to airwaves. Maybe body-size state-inspected condoms will be required
at all public places.

(of original message)

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