Video Mules: (Was: Re: Psuedo-Private Key (eJazeera) )

Neil Johnson njohnsn at
Sun Nov 24 08:23:31 PST 2002

(Referring to previous thread about capturing video.)

As I sit here looking at a 64 MB SD Card that I just picked up for $28 at my 
local Wally World, I was wondering why it (or it is larger capacity brethren) 
couldn't be used to record video  and then (after appropriate protection) 

Probably a lot safer than what most "mules" swallow (I see a Compact Flash 
card begin a little hard on the digestive track, but a SD or MMC card 
shouldn't been such a big deal).

I can see it now , "The new prison diet for recently arrested demonstrators: 
ex-lax and bran muffins!"


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