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Fri Nov 22 15:24:02 PST 2002

Insert a picture of a nude boy into their Powerpoint...

Nov. 22, 2002, 8:47AM

                           Porn shows up in businessman's slide show

                           Associated Press

                           FORT WORTH -- A North Texas businessman has
                           jailed after co-workers reported an image of
                           pornography showed up on a screen as he gave
a computer
                           slide presentation recently.

                           James Andrew Smith of Denton was in the
Mansfield Jail under $300,000 bond after
                           he was charged with two counts of possessing
child pornography and one charge of
                           promoting child pornography.

                           Exel Inc. co-workers told police Smith had
just completed a PowerPoint presentation
                           on Sept. 4 when he tried to open another
document on his laptop computer. The
                           co-workers said a photograph of a nude young
boy appeared on the screen.

                           Exel Inc. is a logistics company in Fort

                           According to the police report, Smith told
Exel officials that a computer virus had
                           caused the image to appear. Nevertheless,
police said Excel officials fired Smith and
                           contacted police the following week after a
search of his laptop found pornographic
                           photos of children that appeared to have been
e-mailed to others.

                           Police seized the computer, as well as disks
containing child pornography and a folder
                           with 65 pages of printed pictures of child
pornography that Exel officials had found in
                           Smith's desk, the report stated.

                           Smith is also pastor of Landmark Baptist
Church in Sanger. His wife, Julie Smith, said
                           they have been married for 13 years and have
two children.

                           "He's never hurt our children. As far as I
know he's never hurt anyone's children," she
                           said. "He has always taken very good care of
me and our children. Anything we
                           needed or wanted, he worked and I got it."

                           She said the congregation at the Sanger
church was told Wednesday night that her
                           husband was resigning immediately, but was
not told why. He had been pastor of the
                           church for 3 1/2 years.

Don't use your work laptop for personal stuff
Encrypt your naughty bits
Don't use email clients that display pictures automatically
A virus that quietly downloads alt.bin.taboo will be very funny.

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