Psuedo-Private Key (eJazeera)

Sarad AV jtrjtrjtr2001 at
Thu Nov 21 06:20:40 PST 2002


I had suggested the same for an encryption product
called digisecret,this is what they had to say.

>Here is an example where hiding cipher text in cipher
text is ideal..

DigiSecret currently does not use assymmetric
algorithms. Besides this 
the introduction of this technique will mean that the
secret police 
will also know about this fact, so the person's
harrowing experience with the 
secret police will just be doubled: first they will
obtain the fake 
password and then the real one. Also it would not be
hard to track it on 
the algorithm diciphering level and to understand that
the message is not 

Regards Data.

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