17 Cypherpunks subscribers on watch list, Project Lookout

Tim May tcmay at got.net
Tue Nov 19 14:06:35 PST 2002

A company I am involved with has been on the distribution list for the 
FBI's Project Lookout watch list, the list being shared with banks, 
electronics companies, consulting firms, transportation companies, and 
1100 other firms.

Cross-indexing with the CP subscriber list, I find 17 names on both 

We must be vigilant! Civil rights are only for innocents, not guilty 

--Tim May
Timothy C. May         tcmay at got.net        Corralitos, California
Political: Co-founder Cypherpunks/crypto anarchy/Cyphernomicon
Technical: physics/soft errors/Smalltalk/Squeak/ML/agents/games/Go
Personal: b.1951/UCSB/Intel '74-'86/retired/investor/motorcycles/guns
Recent interests: category theory, toposes, algebraic topology

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